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As a self-starter person, I also shoot all types of events and edit the videos for a professional result. I use Final Cut Pro/Premiere Pro, but also Logic Pro to get the best sound possible.

Here are examples of my work for my clients.


Myth-to Measure is a multimedia storytelling agency based in London. As a production coordinator for this company, I had the opportunity to create different videos such as Zoom or face to face interviews, but also corporate videos for prestigious brands. 


Topla develops engaging games to learn while having fun and discover while doing. 

  • Social Media Video Creations (I write and create the videos according to the target audience).  


I am a volunteer at Worldwrite. This a charity that produces programmes, shows, shorts and feature films for public benefit.
It provides part-time training for volunteers interested in exploring ideas and using film, video and TV to get the
message across. On many occasions, I help the charity to shoot videos.


Hegemonia tells the story of two young lovers who are involved in a strange game where memories reappear. 
End of studies project within the context of a master's degree in intellectual property to understand the audiovisual industry. 
With a team of 5 people, we wrote the story, shot and edited the short film. 
As an activity leader, I created videos with teenagers as well as with 3 year olds. I taught the children how to write a story,
how to direct themselves and how to use a camera.  

"Teddy Bear in Holidays"
Alert, there are dinosaurs!
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