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For 2 years with the production company Myth-to-Measure, I helped French productions to produce their content in England. From the first preparation call to the rushes delivery, I help at every step:

  • Manage overseas production needs in the UK during covid crisis

  • Budget tracking of production projects

  • Lead shoot preparation (booking crew and equipment according to project requirements, liaising with council and public institutions, location scouting, preparation of call sheets, fill out risk assessments forms and location permits)

  • Assisting operator crew (set up the shoot, sound recording, light disposal, camera setup, managing people on set)

  • Conduct interviews in English for documentaries 

  • Promote in-house documentaries to film festivals

  • Create original content for social media (Articles, visuals and videos creation)

  • Company accounting and administration 

Founder of Myth-to-Measure, Florie-Anne managed Anne-Sarah directly. 

Anne-Sarah worked for my company for the past 2 years. She was an amazing team player, extremely efficient and reliable, always full of new ideas to improve our company and our projects.
She started as a PA, and very quickly worked as a production manager and junior journalist. She coordinated a lot of our projects, and helped us produce videos for corporate communication, external communication, but mainly worked on TV production, for documentaries and news reports.

She was an extremely valuable member of any crew she supported on the ground, and took over many filmings as a journalist. She would find people to interview, do all the research on the ground and prior to filming, then on the day, would organize filmings from A to Z, and conduct interviews when needed. She is a great director or DOP assistant, and can also film herself when needed. Actually, she proved especially great at filming and editing short videos for social media. She works fast and is bursting with ideas.

Every single one of my clients has been satisfied with Anne-Sarah's work and they loved working with her. She would be a great addition to any team.

I can only recommend Anne-Sarah. I was very sad to see her go but my company is producing less and less videos and turning to digital work, so it was time for her to seek new adventures in the production sector. But I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

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